Submissions to Pearl Street Publishing

  • Pearl Street Publishing is interested in submissions of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. The only limitation on submissions is the creator’s imagination.
  •  Please read the mission statement for further guidance.
  • We offer an open submission policy as specified on this page in our electronic submission guidelines:

                  First Step: e-mail a query regarding your  completed work: 

  • The query should consist of a summary of your manuscript which includes the nature of the work,  the number of words, and a description of your work. (250 word or less)
  • The query may contain a biographical note.  (50  words or less)
  •   We do not accept proposals. The work should be completed before you e-mail the query.
  • This query must be in the e-mail itself. We will not download attachments.

                Next Step :We will review the query to see if it meets our publishing needs. If so, we will request  electronic transmission of a synopsis and/or the completed  manuscript. Thank you for your interest in  Pearl Street Publishing.


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